About Me

Bradley Setzler BW crop
Bradley J. Setzler
Department of Economics
The University of Chicago

About Me

I am a PhD student in economics, NSF Graduate Research Fellow, and researcher of poverty, inequality, and intergenerational mobility. I primarily use economic methods from price theory and structural econometrics but also methods drawn from other disciplines, especially computer science and normative ethics. I am also a Graduate Fellow in the Center for the Economics of Human Development (CEHD), recently founded by my long-time mentor and the man who inspired my switch from philosophy to economics, James J. Heckman.


I am a native of South Carolina, and grew up in the country as a farmer raising cows, turkeys, and chickens. I left home to study philosophy at the South Carolina Honors College, where I dedicated my time to community service on behalf of disadvantaged children and promoted education policy as president of the state student union. As an undergraduate, I taught two upper-level courses on social justice and practical ethics in the Philosophy Department, University of South Carolina.

Thanks to the willingness of the Chicago Economics faculty to take a risk on a philosophy student with no economics background, I came straight to my current PhD program after finishing there. Now I am doing the work I have always wanted to do, using rigorous science to find paths out of poverty for disadvantaged children.

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