About Me

Bradley Setzler BW crop
Bradley J. Setzler
Department of Economics
The University of Chicago

About Me

I am a PhD student in economics, NSF Graduate Research Fellow, and researcher in the Center for the Economics of Human Development (CEHD), recently founded by my long-time mentor who inspired me to pursue economic studies, Professor James Heckman. My research combines microeconomics, applied econometrics, data, and computer science to understand the sources and consequences of inequality, life-cycle dynamics, and intergenerational mobility in earnings, wealth, human capital, and other policy-relevant outcomes.


I am a native of South Carolina, and grew up in the country as a farmer raising cows, turkeys, and chickens. I left home to complete undergraduate degrees in mathematics and philosophy at the South Carolina Honors College, where I also dedicated my time to community service on behalf of disadvantaged children and promoted education policy as president of the state student union. As an undergraduate, I taught two upper-level courses on social justice and practical ethics in the Philosophy Department, University of South Carolina. Upon graduation, I began doctoral studies.

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